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Terms of Agreement

Language and Interpretation: The original of this Agreement was written and exists in English(US). This English version shall prevail should any translated version conflict with this Agreement or parts thereof or be rendered ambiguous as a result of such translation.

Definitions: Preamble:

It is an incontrovertible presumption that any user of the wotz-it-worth website has read and familiarized himself/herself with all the terms in this Agreement prior to any interaction with the wotz-it-worth website.


The original of this Agreement is effective from January 04, 2011. Any revision hereto will state clearly the date of such revision.

Statement of Rights and Responsibilities: Your usage, accessing of and/or any form of interaction with the wotz-it-worth website and/or any oral, printed or electronic usage of wotz-it-worth or any of its trademarks, logos, copyrights, patents or intellectual property in any form shall be governed by the various rights and responsibilities of this Agreement.

Cookies and Tracking Technology: Cookies are tiny bits of data that are stored on your computer, mobile phone or other electronic devices. Their multi-function is to protect both you and wotz-it-worth, facilitate and simplify your usage of and interaction with wotz-it-worth and to improve advertising on the wotz-it-worth website. Although cookies and tracking technology cannot collect personal information per se, they may be used to store your login information (with the exception of your password) in order to facilitate your subsequent usage of the wotz-it-worth website. They are used also to confirm your login status and that you are interacting with wotz-it-worth's Platform Applications, websites, wotz-it-worth's widgets, share buttons and advertisements. Information related to browser types and operating systems, customizing a website, recording the number of hits on a website, the operation of a website and any interaction with a website can utilize cookies and tracking technology. Third parties may share parts of or the totality of such information. If you should choose, accessing the settings in your browser will enable you, at any time, to remove or block cookies. However, this may curtail your ability to make the fullest use of the wotz-it-worth website

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Between wotz-it-worth and Yourself:

Privacy Policy Between Yourself and Third Parties:

IP Content

For any item or content that might be covered by intellectual property rights vested in yourself such as digital or printed photographs, videos, video clips and/or any form of the printed word, unrestricted, worldwide, royalty-free permission and licence is granted to wotz-it-worth instantaneously you access the website. Such permission and licence incorporates the right to sub-licence, transfer, collate, assimilate, analyse, extrapolate or use in any manner whatsoever such content as wotz-it-worth might deem fit. Deletion by you, either such as emptying the recycle bin or in any other manner whatsoever, of such content which already has entered the public domain does not compel wotz-it-worth to delete such content or prohibit wotz-it-worth from continuing to use such content subject to the proviso that your privacy is preserved pursuant to the Privacy Policy above. Should you wish such content to be withdrawn from the public domain, wotz-it-worth shall endeavour to comply with such request to the best of its ability but cannot be held responsible for not being able so to do nor for any repercussions resulting from such public communication. Once content has entered the public domain, it is assumed that it cannot be retracted therefrom and wotz-it-worth is absolved of any responsibility for such content or for failing to prevent further penetration of such content into the public domain. Feedback and suggestions concerning wotz-it-worth are always appreciated and your explicit and unreserved permission for wotz-it-worth to use such input without any obligation, compensation or restriction is hereby granted to wotz-it-worth.


wotz-it-worth is not responsible for nor does it identify with any postings of any content via the wotz-it-worth website. You explicitly and without reservation agree that, on the wotz-it-worth website you will not post any:

Nor shall you: Registration and Security

On the wotz-it-worth website, you explicitly agree to be liable for any third party usage of your authorized account by yourselves. You further explicitly agree not to:

Without obtaining prior written permission from wotz-it-worth, you explicitly agree not to:

Additional Provisions Applicable to Websites with Share Link Buttons and Plugins: Bilateral permission is assumed so that users may use the wotz-it-worth Share Link button and Plugin to post links or content from your website and vice versa. You are prohibited from placing a Share Link button and Plugin on any page whatsoever that might contain or refer to content that would violate or jeopardize wotz-it-worth.

Advertising and General Commercial Content

Advertisements or other commercial content on the wotz-it-worth website is of dual benefit to you:

To this end, you may be requested to provide your profile information as well as additional information for a specific market research project or any other form of analysis. You would be under no obligation whatsoever to provide or withhold such information. Before any such information is used, analysed, collated, disseminated or distributed by wotz-it-worth, your explicit permission for such information to be divulged to third parties will be requested from you for each such assignment.

Agreements with Advertisers, Developers and Operators

Such Agreements will be in accordance with wotz-it-worth's terms and conditions pertaining thereto respectively


At any stage, wotz-it-worth is at liberty to amend, alter, add to or in any other way change the terms of this Agreement for any purpose that wotz-it-worth may deem fit. Notice of such change shall be publicized in an 'Amendment To Terms Of Agreement' document which will appear in the 'Terms' section of the wotz-it-worth website. It is recommended that you access the abovementioned section at regular intervals to ascertain whether any changes have been made.

Mobile Communication

Such services are provided free of charge at present by wotz-it-worth. However, your service provider's tariffed rates and fees such as, inter alia but not limited to, text message fees, will be charged to you by your service provider. You agree to:

Developers and Operators of Platform Applications and Websites

The responsibility for your Application or Applications, the content thereof and any interaction with the wotz-it-worth Platform vests entirely in yourself and shall not implicate wotz-it-worth in any way whatsoever. Such Application will remain in effect and of force in the event that access to the wotz-it-worth Platform has ceased but all the relevant data has not yet been deleted. Such Application will cease subject to all the relevant data being deleted.

You explicitly and without reservation agree that with respect to wotz-it-worth:


wotz-it-worth reserves the right to terminate your account without notice should any of the terms of this agreement be violated by yourself.


The interpre­tation, construction and effect of this Agreement shall be governed and construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of South Africa and you hereby submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the High Court of South Africa (Witwatersrand Local Division). The said laws and jurisdiction shall prevail should any dispute, claim or litigation arise between yourself and wotz-it-worth. Should a third party institute a claim against wotz-it-worth arising from any action on your part or any content or information emanating from yourself, you will indemnify and hold wotz-it-worth harmless from and against any damages, losses, expenses or penalties of any kind whatsoever. Such indemnity shall include all reasonable legal fees and costs of any nature that might have been incurred as a result of such claim.

Limitation of wotz-it-worth's responsibilities

wotz-it-worth strives to ensure that the wotz-it-worth website always is available, bug-free and safe but cannot be held liable should this not be case either as a direct result of wotz-it-worth's actions or of any cause outside wotz-it-worth's control. wotz-it-worth , its directors, members, officers, employees, equity holders or authorised agents, individually or collectively, do not guarantee the safety and security of the website and cannot be held liable in any way for the actions, content, information or data of third parties. The abovementioned entities cannot be held liable in any way whatsoever for any claims or damages arising from any claim you may have against any third party. The wotz-it-worth website is made available as it stands without any express or implied warranties, inter alia but not limited to, implied warranties of marketability, efficacy for a specific purpose and non-infringement.

Mergers, acquisitions and sale of assets or equity: In the event of a sale of partial or the entire equity or assets of wotz-it-worth or in the event of an acquisition of or by another party of wotz-it-worth or in the event of a merger of wotz-it-worth with another entity, the rights, obligations and privileges conferred on wotz-it-worth by this Agreement are freely assignable by wotz-it-worth to another party by operation of law or otherwise.


Should any clause or part thereof of this Agreement prove to be unenforceable, all the other clauses and parts thereof will remain in full force and effect. Failure by omission or intent by wotz-it-worth to enforce any clause or part thereof of this Agreement shall in no way be construed as a waiver of wotz-it-worth's rights and privileges. Any amendment to, concession under or waiver of any clause or part thereof of this Agreement must be in writing and signed by a duly authorised representative of wotz-it-worth. You are precluded from transferring any rights or obligations conferred on you by this Agreement to any third party without the express consent in writing of wotz-it-worth. This Agreement does not confer, neither explicitly nor implicitly, any beneficiary rights on any third party. Without exception and at all times you will comply with all applicable laws when accessing the wotz-it-worth website.