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Privacy Policy

Usage and Access:

Your compliance with and governance by this Privacy Policy is assumed immediately upon your accessing or usage of the wotzitworth website.


All questions, comments, ambiguities, concerns and requests for explanations or further information relating to this document should be addressed to us via the 'Contact Us' page.


This Policy encompasses all of wotzitworth but does not apply to legal or natural entities outside the control or ownership of wotzitworth such as, inter alia but not limited to, applications and websites using the wotzitworth's Platform.

TRUSTe Program:

This Privacy Policy has been examined by TRUSTe for compliance with the TRUSTe's program requirements resulting in the TRUSTe's Privacy Seal being granted to wotzitworth. The TRUSTe's program extends to only information that is collected through the website and does not encompass other information collected by any other means such as, inter alia but not limited to, any software that might be downloaded from wotzitworth.

Safe Harbor: Personal Information:

The design and operating procedure of wotzitworth facilitates the connection and sharing of information with others. Consequently, your name and profile picture do not require privacy settings. Should you wish to preserve your anonymity, you do not have to proffer any personal information nor pictures except for the requisite information for registration.


In order to register with wotzitworth, only your email address and a password are required. Should you wish to register further personal information such as your name, age, gender, place of residence, your picture or any other information with wotzitworth, the 'My Profile' page allows you so to do. In specific marketing campaigns or for security requirements, it might be necessary for wotzitworth to request additional information. In such cases, you are at liberty to withhold this additional information pursuant to such concealment possibly precluding you from being able to participate in these particular and specific campaigns.

Information Relating to Site Activity:

Any interaction with the wotzitworth website may yield information that then is subjected to a process of registration, gathering, collection, analysis, extrapolation and dissemination. Other than the specific personal information referred to in the preceding paragraph, all information received by wotzitworth is deemed as having entered the public domain and no personal rights can be vested therein. All such information may be shared, re-shared, replicated or copied by other users. Information that you may have removed subsequently by deletion of your account or from your profile, may still remain viewable in other files. wotzitworth cannot be held liable in any way whatsoever should such information continue to be shared, re-shared, replicated or copied by other users.

Information from Third Parties:

Applications and websites that you might use to interact with the wotzitworth Platform are not owned by wotzitworth. Information generated as a result of your connecting with a Platform or website, including actions effected by you, will be received by wotzitworth and subjected to the analytical process mentioned in the preceding paragraph. It is possible that wotzitworth might receive certain information while you are in the process of establishing connection with the Application or website prior to connection actually having been established. In such eventualities, the information received will be treated as any other type of information.

Information from Other Users:

Your personal information may be derived from other users only after you have invited such user to participate in wotzitworth and such user has accepted your invitation.

Information from Access Devices and Browsers:

The use of computers, mobile telephones or any other such electronic devices, extant or to be developed in the future, in the interaction with or the access of wotzitworth may result in information becoming available to wotzitworth regarding your location, browser type, IP address frequency of pages visited. In such cases, the information received will be treated as any other type of information.


Minors aged 13 years or older should seek the explicit permission of their parents or guardians prior to supplying any information over the Internet relating to themselves or any of their family members, friends or acquaintances. Any information generated by minors under the age of 13 and received over the Internet and, in particular, any attempt by such a minor to register for wotzitworth, shall be deleted immediately upon wotzitworth becoming aware of the actual age of the user. In such a case, registration with wotzitworth will be rendered invalid. wotzitworth reserves the right to add protective measures for minors of any age and to introduce partial or full restrictions on third parties in regard to any interaction with minors.


The raison d├ętre for wotzitworth is the sharing of unlimited content with others. Such content is limited only by one's imagination but does not extend to nor encompass personal information. wotzitworth cannot be held liable in any way whatsoever should the user volunteer personal information that might not be requested specifically within the context or essentiality of a particular marketing campaign.

Usage of Your Information:

The foremost aim and criteria that were applied in the design of wotzitworth are to provide you with a secure, safe, efficient, customized, gratifying and enjoyable information sharing experience. Any information gathered or disseminated via wotzitworth is subject to and compatible with this policy statement. Any information collected by wotzitworth or any of its official advertisers is used primarily to this end. Such information further could be used to evaluate, measure and improve wotzitworth's services, features, universality and customer support. Such information further could be used to prevent illegal or potentially illegal activities or any other activities as listed under the "Commitments" section of the wotzitworth "Terms of Agreement". To these ends, it might be necessary to share aggregated information with third parties. In such eventualities, wotzitworth will ensure that no such information or actions will be able to be identified or linked with any individual user or group of users without his or their explicit consent.

Sharing Information:

The fundamental objective of wotzitworth is to share information and opinions from that of a one to one level to a universal level. Such public forum is limited only by the "Commitments" section of the wotzitworth "Terms of Agreement". Conversely, the sharing of personal information with third parties is controlled by you and limited by the individual limitations that you might wish to impose.

Invitation to Friends:

In response to your invitation to a friend to join wotzitworth, on your behalf wotzitworth will initiate contact with that friend of your choice advising him of your invitation. Only upon your friend's acceptance of the invitation will you be able to communicate freely with that friend.

Periodic Contacts:

Periodically, wotzitworth may contact you in regard to service related announcements or communications. Each such communication will be accompanied by an option not to participate in or receive such communications or announcements. You may opt out from all such communication with the exception of essential updates that are pertinent to your account notification information.

Information export:

Tools such as mobile phone address book applications, RSS feeds, copy and paste functions may be used by you and by those with whom you communicate in order to capture, import, export information of any nature from and to wotzitworth. Your friends may replicate any shared information about yourself by using third party applications with, for example, mobile phone address books. Should you choose to share information with contacts that are not associated with wotzitworth, such as, inter alia but not limited to, electronic commerce providers or marketers, wotzitworth is absolved from any responsibility, implications, repercussions or legal claims that might arise from such contact.

Joint Services:

It might be necessary for wotzitworth to provide services in conjunction with other companies, firms, business entities or third parties such as, inter alia but not limited to, classified services. To facilitate your usage of these services, wotzitworth may be required to share your information. In such an eventuality, wotzitworth will identify the joint entity and ensure that the partner's Privacy Policy is available to you prior to your using such service .

Service Enhancement:

It might be necessary for wotzitworth to provide information to service providers or third parties in order to ensure continued or improved services. Examples of such cases may be, inter alia but not limited to, where assistance is required in order to:- host wotzitworth's website; remove repetitive or redundant information from user lists; process payments; publicize updates concerning wotzitworth via electronic mail; provide search results or links. In such eventualities, specific service providers or third parties might have access to your personal information. Such access will be granted by wotzitworth only on a need-to-know basis and for the duration of each such specific exercise.


Under no circumstances will wotzitworth share identifiable personal information with advertisers without your explicit or implied permission. Implied permission is in a case where you supply information to an advertiser for a specific purpose but the act of which may be interpreted by a reasonable person as implicit permission to interact with such advertiser on any other level. An example might be when the advertiser places a cookie in your browser or establishes any other method of interaction. Advertisers on the wotzitworth website may use a variety of technological methods in order to evaluate, quantify or measure the efficacy of their advertising campaign or content. You may place limitations on or opt out from such campaign or content by using your browser cookie settings. In order to promote wotzitworth's services, wotzitworth may request advertisers or third parties to display advertisements in any form, in any medium or based on the presence of a cookie. Any information shared with the advertiser or third party will be granted by wotzitworth only on a need-to-know basis and for the duration of each such advertising campaign.


Clicking on links associated with wotzitworth may cause you to exit from the wotzitworth website. As wotzitworth cannot be held responsible for the privacy practice and reassurances of other sites, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the Privacy Policy of these other sites. Legal Actions:

wotzitworth may be required by good faith or by law, whether criminal or civil, to disclose information in response to official requests such as, inter alia but not limited to, affidavits, court orders, court appearances and subpoenas. Such laws may be of a local, by, municipal, provincial, national or international nature, provided they have been promulgated in accordance with the recognised legal jurisdiction pertaining to the applicable juridical area.

Preventative Action:

wotzitworth, voluntarily and in good faith, may share information with any third party, legally constituted entity, lawyer, juridical court, state official or any other government entity in order to prevent the perpetration of any illegal activity such as, inter alia but not limited to, fraud, forgery, Ponzi schemes, paedophilia, slander, bodily harm, sedition, treason and the violation of rights both pertaining to you and to wotzitworth.

Editing Information:

The Profile page allows you to change your wotzitworth user name, password and any other information that you previously may have entered or registered. Such amendments will be updated immediately by wotzitworth.

Deletion or Deactivation of Accounts:

You may deactivate your account unilaterally at any time. Such deactivation is immediate and permanent. There are certain limitations on such immediacy and permanency in that replication of information that you have removed from wotzitworth may remain viewable elsewhere depending on whether you had shared such information previously and whether it had been stored or replicated by other users. However, wotzitworth guarantees that such information, as of the time of deletion, will no longer be associated with your name. Further, deleted information may persist in backup copies for a period of a few months but, during this period and thereafter, such information will no longer be available to other users. There is no facility for deactivation of accounts because it is such a simple procedure to register with wotzitworth at a later stage should you wish so to do. However, you might be required to register with a new password.


wotzitworth is committed to keeping all information you share with and on the wotzitworth website secure. All your account information is kept on a secured server behind a firewall. There is no need for you to divulge sensitive information such as credit card details or passwords. However, should an advertiser or accredited third party pursuant to the clauses above request such sensitive information, wotzitworth will insist upon such advertiser or accredited third party applying the same rigorous protective security measures as wotzitworth would apply in all cases. Because wotzitworth is unable to control the actions of other users, wotzitworth is absolved from the responsibility of keeping your information secure from third parties or other users should you share your information with such parties. Further, wotzitworth cannot prevent such information from becoming available in the public forum. Prevention of the above occurring can be enhanced by your choice of a strong password, changing your password regularly and availing yourself of the latest antivirus software. Any security violations that you may become aware of should be reported to wotzitworth immediately so that wotzitworth may take the appropriate steps to prevent recurrence.

Transfer of Information:

Should the entire or partial ownership of wotzitworth change for any reason whatsoever, all information on the wotzitworth website shall be transferred to the new owner or owners so that wotzitworth may continue to operate without any interruption, downtime or irregularity. In such eventuality, all information on the wotzitworth website will remain subject to and governed by all the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. Amendments and Alterations to the Privacy Policy: At any stage, wotz-it-worth is at liberty to amend, alter, add to or in any other way change the terms of the Privacy Policy for any purpose that wotz-it-worth may deem fit. Notice of such change shall be publicized in a 'Privacy Policy Amendment' document which will appear in the 'Privacy Policy' section of the wotz-it-worth website. It is recommended that you access the abovementioned amended section at regular intervals to ascertain whether any changes have been made.